Arctic biodiversity

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Resident or migratory wildlife inhabiting the Arctic region

Landscape in the Arctic

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Natural habitat, ecosystem, landscape or scenery of the Arctic

Peoples of the North

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Daily life, culture and ethnography of the inhabitants of the Arctic

Business and science

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Modern technology, business, research and logistics undertaken in the Arctic environment


Carsten Egevang

Carsten Egevang

Einar Guðmann

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Krista Ylinen

Krista Ylinen

Gyða Henningsdóttir

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Lawrence Hislop

Lawrence Hislop

Arctic Biodiversity Through the Lens

Haforn GH43239minkudPhoto: Gyða Henningsdóttir

In celebration of the Arctic Biodiversity Congress, the CAFF International Secretariat, in cooperation with sponsors, launch the Arctic Biodiversity Through the Lens photography competition. 

The eyes of the world are turning northwards. Arctic landscapes, wildlife, cultures and light have inspired people since time immemorial. The Arctic Biodiversity "Through the Lens" photography competition will celebrate the beauty of the Arctic as experienced by photographers of all skill levels. 

Winners 2014

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