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Gyða Henningsdóttir grew up in the island of Grimsey which is on the arctic circle near the north coast of Iceland. Today she lives in Akureyri, north-Iceland working as a photographer. She has pursued photography since 2005 with her husband Einar Guðmann and today they are among the most renowned nature photographers in Iceland.

Her work as a photographer is focused on birds, wildlife and landscape. She is a co-author of the bestselling book Iceland - Wild at heart with Einar Gudmann and she has participated in a diverse range of photography projects both in Iceland and abroad.

Together with her husband and fellow judge in the Arctic biodiversity through the lens photography competition Einar Guðmann she runs the Icelandinphotos website which host some amazing images from Iceland and stories of their adventures




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Krista YlinenKrista Ylinen is a nature photographer based in Rovaniemi, Finland. She embraces early mornings with wild animals she loves such as foxes, bears and deer. Her favourite thing is to get to know different species properly: to spent several days and weeks studying their behaviour and photographing them in different circumstances. She also finds Finnish Lapland extremely beautiful but is also willing to travel around the world to witness the versatile treasures of nature.

Krista holds a Bachelor degree in Social Services but she is now studying environmental management in Rovaniemi. Her dream is to be able to spent as much time outdoors as possible and to have more time for nature photography in the future. She writes columns and blogs for magazines, performs and through all this she wants to promote nature and environment protection and environmental awareness.

Further information can be found on website and more photos on Instagram and Facebook

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 E5C6865Lawrence Hislop is an environmental policy specialist, and communications enthusiast who holds a great passion for the Polar regions. He is currently director of the WCRP Climate and Cryosphere Project in Tromso, Norway and he collaborates with science and policy teams globally. Previously he managed the Polar and High Mountains program at GRID-Arendal, a collaborating centre of the UN Environment Programme. Lawrence has field experience across all Arctic / sub Arctic countries as well as in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region and Central Asia. His early work focused on creating science-based integrated environmental assessment reports and information management systems. He has also organized many communication initiatives, such as journalist training workshops, media tours, and cartography/info-graphics production. More information about Laweence and his work can be found on




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Einar Guðmann lives in Akureyri where he works as a photographer, author, editor and publisher of books and magazines. Formerly he was a advisor at the Environment Agency untill focusing on photography and editorial work. Einar and his wife Gyða Henningsdóttir have pursued photography since 2005 and they are co-authors of the bestselling book Iceland - Wild at heart.

Einar has participated in a diverse range of photography projects and his work has been displayed extensively both in Iceland and abroad. From the beginning of his career he has specialised in nature in it´s various forms - such as birds, animals and landscapes.

Together with his wife and fellow judge in the Arctic biodiversity through the lens photography competition Gyða Henningsdóttir he runs the Icelandinphotos website which host some amazing images from Iceland and stories of their adventures

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Carsten Egevang. PhotoCarsten Egevang. Photo

I feel a strong urge – almost an obligation – to communicate my fantastic Greenland experiences to a broad audience. The natural beauty of Greenland is unmatched in the World but the environment of the Arctic is also extremely vulnerable.

I have been recognized in several international photo competitions, including category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Also, I have a couple of book publications about Greenland.

I’m trained as a biologist completing a PhD in Arctic biology at the University of Copenhagen. I am affiliated with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, where I primarily work with Greenland seabirds.

Today, I’m combining photography with my scientific background and my long field experience. I travel to Greenland with my camera to shoot wildlife and to document the traditional Inuit way of life as it unfolds in modern Greenland.

Further information about Carsten Egevang, his images and publications can be found on his website


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