Lasse Lecklin

Lasse Lecklin
  • Contest: Landscape in the Arctic
  • Note: The International Geological Congress in 2016 suggested that the humanity has now left behind the Holocene, a geological era the globe has gone through since the last ice age, and entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene. In the Anthropocene, the human influence on the earth is so great, that the change is irreversible, in a sense a point of no return. The photo series Crossings documents the crossing of that threshold. The melting icebergs leave the glacier, flow down the glacier river to cross and meet the ocean, become water once more. The images are aerial shots from Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull in Iceland. Its glacier tongues are retreating exceptionally fast. Since 2000, 15 % of the glacier has vanished. Due to the global warming the glaciers are in danger to vanish, become part of the ocean again.
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